⏰ The order deadline to receive PAWNIX before NEW YEARS EVE Firework Celebrations🎇 IS Monday December 27th 3pm Central, and these orders will ship in the USA via UPS on Wednesday December 29th free of additional charge. All orders placed after the cut off time, will ship in the New Year. 🐶🎧



Now that you have received your pup's PAWNIX, please enjoy our welcome videos...


We have also created a 4 your pup - listening recommendation page (click here)

We recommend pairing your PAWNIX with a tablet, Ipad, or smart home device.   This way your PUP will have less notifications from your phone to deal with.  We noticed text messages and weather alerts bothering our own Emma, and wanted to share our learning with you!


Having Volume Trouble?  IOS and Andriods now have VOLUME LIMITERS since the manufacturing of PAWNIX.  With PAWNIX, this puts DOUBLE volume constraints so that you cannot hear the music after pairing.  Please review and remove the limiter off of your device, since that is the device that controls the volume to the PAWNIX speakers. When testing use music with voices, when playing for your dog, we recommend classical with no percussion, or reggae.  No percussion makes the volume incredibly soft. So when you are testing the system for the first time yourself, put on some vocals & put one of the speakers on your ear and sing along with your device at max volume.







How the Speakers should sit on your dogs ears:

how the speakers sit on the ears