🐶🎧🎆 Cut off for 4th of July orders was June 28th, 2022, because PAWNIX are assembled in the USA by hand. We are sold out for the 4th of July. Our Factory will be closed from Friday - Wednesday for some much needed RnR 🐶🎧🎆 Please email us at pawnix@pawnix.com with other questions. 



CEO / Founder and Inventor

Chief Barking Officer - Emma

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Who is our Founder

As a graduate from Michigan State University in Packaging Engineering, our founder likes to be a jack of all trades, and never stops learning.  When setting out to develop a noise cancelation device for dogs, she set out to find what she could relearn and master on the internet.  When she exacerbated the different search engine algorithms and viewed everything she could via "Instructables" she set out to find others that new the audio space to continue to learn from.  With some good friends and extended acquaintances from her network, she was able to create the prototype for Pawnix.  She then interviewed different manufacturing teams, and did not stop when she was told it could be done.  She found partners that would look at the science and testing data, and got them on board to the Pawnix team.  Because of a great idea and persistence,  we are here today, with PAWNIX.  With the right idea, and drive, anything can be done.

Who is our CBO

As a trained service animal, Emma has experianced many different manufacturing projects and processes all over the world.  She has participated in the product development and validation processes.  For PAWNIX, she has defined the scope of the first version of our Noise-Cancelling headphones for dogs, as well as its success criteria.  Emma has lived all over America and traveled the world.  She has lived in hotels, apartments, houses, and knows the importance of a quite nights sleep.  Being able to sleep with thin walls and loud neighbors was a requirement for her, so we made the headset a pillow for her.  As a trained service animal, Emma also likes the commoraderie of sporting events, but hates parades and celebratory horns and cheers through out a stadium.  We tested PAWNIX with her at our home town hockey game, and she loved being a part of the game with out hurting her ears.