🐶🎧🎆 PAWNIX are assembled by hand in the US and because of this it takes us 3-5 business days to fufill your order. 🐶🎧🎆 Please email us at pawnix@pawnix.com with other questions. 


What makes our headset different than Human Noise Cancelling Headsets?

Our headset has been designed with a dog in mind.  There is no heavy plastic for them to knock off of their head.  It is designed to be soft and cushioned with lots of noise dampening foam. 

In human headsets, this technology can sit over ear, on the ear, and in the ear.  We have designed our Pawnix speakers to combine the benefits of on ear and in the ear technology for noise reduction, while still supplying comfort for the dogs. 

Teddy a medium dog modeling PAWNIX Features

How does it stay on their head?

We wanted to make it convenient for you to put on your fur baby.  We have used 4 way stretch fabric to make it easy to put on, as well as provide a compression to keep acupressure points in your dogs head to help calm them.

 Accupressure points - to provide anxiety relief

How does a Noise-Cancelling Headset work?

What is Passive Noise-Cancelling? - Passive noise-cancelling headphones block out the sound waves from the environment with the physical materials and shape.  Our PAWNIX uses foam with high Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) , as well as the shape of how the foam interacts with the head and the ears.

What is Active Noise-Cancelling?  Active Noise-Cancelling involves electronics. A microphone picks up the sound, and converts it into a wavelength.  The headset duplicated this wavelength and flips it 180 degrees.  When these two wavelengths meet in the ear, they knock each other down, making the noise quieter to no noise.

The science of flipping a wavelength 180 degrees to knock the other down


Why Does PAWNIX Have Bluetooth 5.0?

What is Bluetooth? -  Bluetooth is wireless data passed between devices (e.g. smartwatch to a smartphone, alexa, etc) 

With Bluetooth, PAWNIX can play music at a controlled predetermined volume of 40dbs (just above a whisper).  The volume is low to protect dogs sensitive ears and not introduce addtional loud painful noise. 

Research has shows that music therapy to calm your dog can work for many.  We wanted to give you and your dog the option to see what your dog likes.


Quick comparison of PAWNIX features to similar items:

Compare PAWNIX to other dog anxiety products 

What if my headset gets dirty?

Our fabric is like work out apparel. The fabric has antibacterial and wicking properties, to not only help keep your dog cool, but to provent smell over time.

We recommend indoor use for the headset, since it is an electronic. We have constructed the headset to be low level water resistant, NOT water proof.  

If you do choose to wash the headset, REMOVE the electronic from its pocket(s) buy turning the headset inside out.  Hand wash the headset alone.  Lie flat to dry.


What if my electronic stops working?

If the LED lights in the electronic no longer light up, or the Bluetooth no longer pairs with your device, within the first year of purchase, return the unit to PAWNIX and we will ship a new electronic unit under the 1 year warranty.  If the electronic has been removed from the neoprean case, then the warranty is void.


What if my electronic gets wet?

The unit is encased in neoprean to provide a small level of water resistance.  We do not recommended leaving your dog outside in the rain with the headset on.  Prolonged water exposure will damage the unit.  Submersion of headset in water will null the warranty.  Water damage to the electronic unit will null the warranty.