🐶🎧🎆 PAWNIX are assembled by hand in the US and because of this it normally takes us 3-5 business days to fulfill your order 🐶🎧🎆 Please email us at pawnix@pawnix.com with other questions.

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FAQ / Troubleshooting

Questions about your headset?

How do I turn up the volume?

The volume on the headset is controlled by your paired device.  Connect a tablet and use the volume on the tablet to control the headset.  The headphone do not go above 50decibles.  They have a limiter on the volume.  Our dogs ears are more sensitive to ours, and they hear things more than we do.  We put a limiter on the volume to protect out dogs hearing, and not introduce damaging volumes to our dogs.

When testing use music with voices & hold the speaker onto your ear, when playing for your dog, we recommend classical with no percussion.  No percussion makes the volume incredibly soft.


Troubleshooting VOLUME:

Samsung / Andriod have a limiter on their products as well, upon set up.

"The Media volume limiter feature on your phones or tablets prevents the volume from rising above a set level to protect your ears from hearing damage. The limitation is only applied when you use headphones or Bluetooth speakers, and can be protected by a PIN."

More Volume Support: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00080348/


APPLE / IOS now have a limiter on their products as well, upon set up.



Does the volume affect the Noise Cancelling ability?

The music volume operates separately from the Noise Cancelling Technology.  The Active Noise Cancelling technology will always be on while the unit is on, and at 100% regardless of the level of the music volume.  If the headset is not paired with anything for music, the Noise Cancelling Technology will still be on, and still be at 100%.  There is no adjustment necessary to the Noise Cancelling Technology.

What should I use to pair my headset to?

We recommend pairing your PAWNIX with a tablet, IPad or smart home device.  This way your PUP will have less notifications dinging at them from your phone.  We have noticed text messages and weather alerts bothering our own Emma.


Where should the speaker sit vs my dogs ear?

The speaker can sit on your dogs ear, or lean up against it.  It is also okay if the speaker is just in front of your dogs ear.  The dogs ear and canal are shaped differently from ours and are shaped to funnel noises into their heads.  It helps their spectacular hearing. The cancelling waves will help tune out the noise as they are being sent towards the ear and the ear canal that runs along side their head towards their eyes.

The electronic seems hard,

In regards to "hardness"; We created the electronics to be flat, fitting comfortably leaning into a dog's ears, or resting on their cheeks. This design activates pressure points, providing a soothing effect. Additionally, the flat design allows the device to resonate and conduct through the bone structure of the dog's skull. Dogs have thicker and denser heads compared to humans, so they respond differently to these features. Unlike humans, who are more sensitive to touch, dogs benefit from having a speaker directly on their heads without the need for extra padding. We design our products to maximize comfort and effectiveness in providing a calming experience for our furry friends.. 



What kind of music should I play for my dog?

Music with a slow beat / slow tempo help calm dogs.  Classical music has worked well in studies, as well as slow paced Reggae.  We recommend finding music with out a lot of percussion and traditional drum beats.  Visit our music page for some more ideas.  (CLICK HERE)

CBO Emma has become accustom to Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera, and still enjoys the classics. We also know dogs that like the Rat Pack!


Why can my dog still hear me call for them?

We built our system to still be able to detect your voice and pass it through to your dog,  so you can easily call your dog and keep both of you safe during times of bad weather. It's like having a direct line to your furry friend, making it simple to get them to you quickly, especially in emergencies. This way, you can stay together and stay safe.


Do you ship internationally?

 Yes We DO!

Canada, most of the EU, and the UK now have reciprocity with the FCC certification and we can get your headset through customs.  Shipping is just more expensive.

If you are in Japan or another county, please contact pawnix@pawnix.com so that we can discuss shipping.


More Reasons for PAWNIX:

From   : https://www.avma.org/

Dr. Sharon Campbell, Zoetis' companion animal medical lead for analgesia, sedation, anesthesia, and behavior, told JAVMA this May, "As much as the dog is suffering with noise aversion, the family often suffers, too," whether it's loss of sleep during a nighttime episode or the dog breaking loose and being hit by a car.

"After a while, if these dogs go untreated or are treated ineffectively, it puts a strain on the human-animal bond that gets worse with time."

Phobic responses in dogs are generally associated with loud noises such as thunder, fireworks, or gunshots, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual, as well as the stimuli associated with these events, including rain, lightning, and pressure changes.


According to lost Pet Statistics, 14% of the 63 million dog owning households in America will runaway with in a 5 year span.  Dogs being scared by loud noises is one of the top four reasons dogs run away. 5 million dogs are lost every year. Currently 93% of dogs are found, and on average 6% of these dogs are found at shelters/humane centers etc. According to Petfiner, only about 22% of lost dogs that entered the animal shelters are reunited with their families. 

The PetTech reports 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year. 


What can you do to help your dog?

Create a Safe Space: Have you created a safe indoor cozy space for your dog to go when they are scared?   Our headsets create a safe and cozy pillow around your dog's head, and it provides a comforting swaddling effect.

Reduce the amount of loud noises your dog hears:  When you cannot get away from the thunderstorms or fireworks in your neighborhood,  PAWNIX will reduce the loud noises affecting your dog by 30 decibels.

Distract your dog from the loud noise: With PAWNIX Noise-Cancelling Headset you can play music for your dog at a low controlled volume. Only 50 decibels loud.  Like being in a library listening to someone whispering to the librarian.  We like to protect our dogs' sensitive hearing.

Prepare for the Next Storm or round of Fireworks:  While desensitizing your dog to loud noises, have your dog wear their PAWNIX Noise-Cancelling Headset as you spend time together playing games or giving them treats. This will help your dog associate the headset with happy times, instead of loud noises.  We do not want your dog classically conditioned to associate their headset with being scared.  Our dogs show enthusiasm and tail wags for their own PAWNIX headsets.